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Finding Good Resources

Want to learn how to use the questions below to evaluate sources? Play our Resource Detector game below!


Play Resource Detective

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See our favourite resources

Learning New Science

Reading Scientific Papers


  1. Title: Main topic of the article

  2. Authors: Who contributed to the article

  3. Introduction: Main themes and questions

  4. Methods: How they did it

  5. Results: What they found

  6. Discussion: What do their results mean?

Try to fill in this table using an article from our resource list!

Check it out here!

Citing your sources

Check out these generators:

Citation Generators:

Citation Guides:


Why do I have to cite the sources that I use?

There are two main reasons:

  • To give credit to the people who created the information/wrote the article/conducted the research

  • To let others see where you found your information, letting them check the source for themselves​


There are a number of ways that you can go about citing your sources. We have compiled a list of our favourite ways to cite our sources below!

The most important thing to note is that each time you cite your sources you should try and use a consistent citation style throughout your document/video/paper. Here are the most common styles for each subject area:

  • English/Language: MLA

  • Social Sciences/Education: APA

  • Humanities: Chicago Notes and Bibliography

  • Science: Chicago Author-Date

Science Literacy Week!

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