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Our Mision

Flavourful Science is a nonprofit organization that aims to bring excitement and interest to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) and innovation by utilizing food as a relatable medium. At Flavourful Science, we hope to show that STEAM does not have to be something foreign that is done in a lab, but instead something everyone can do. With a team of renowned educators, we explore important topics of STEAM through relevant real-life applications demonstrated and taught through something everyone is connected to: food! Flavourful Science promotes STEAM and innovation by attending community events, camps, school classroom visits, and through our social media and website!


Our Story

Starting in July 2019, Flavourful Science initially introduced its lessons as workshops at SuperChefs Kids Camps in Surrey, and we have since expanded to various venues across British Columbia. These include schools, fairs, community events, and our engaging presence on social media platforms. Over the years, we have shared our unwavering passion for STEAM through our dynamic "Fun at Fairs" outreach program. Additionally, we have developed a supplementary curriculum for grade 10 students in British Columbia, which has been successfully integrated into high schools across BC. This resource serves as a valuable tool for both teachers seeking support and online reference materials for STEAM educators and youth alike. 

Furthermore, we have hosted Youth STEAM and Innovation summer online camps in 2020, further empowering young minds during the summer season. Presently, Flavourful Science engages in captivating school classroom visits throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia, where we deliver thrilling and innovative STEAM lesson plans to elementary school students. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond urban areas, as we have embarked on overnight trips to rural towns in BC, including Lillooet, where we aim to enlighten underserved communities about all the opportunities in STEAM!

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